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The DHS Band  and Dolls are moving into the 21st Century!! To be part of this, you will need to access Charms, a web based program that will assist us in communication. The attached instruction sheet will give the Band directions how to access your student's private Charms account. In addition to the attached form, you will need your child's school ID number. If that number begins with 0 (zero), omit the zero but enter the remaining numbers when asked. Be sure to keep a copy of these directions next to your computer, etc.

Once you enter Charms, you enter the school code which is DullesHSBand and then the student ID#. Click on the handouts and file icon to receive the following information: Summer Letter, 2013-2014 Band Calendar, Band Fees Sheet, and Charms Access Information. Be sure and update the student and parent information located under the student info icon.

Contact me at joe.pruitt@fortbendisd.com if you have questions.

For Dolls to join charms -
Go to www.CharmsOffice.com
Type inDulles Dolls in the PARENT/STUDENT LOGIN box
In the window next to ENTER STUDENT ID/PASSWORD - type your DHS Student ID# (do not include the zeros at the beginning:begin typing with the Id in the first number)
Click on ENTER and you should see your students name at the top right corner.
Find the Icon that says PERSONAL INFORMATION and select to open it.
Please complete all the information for both the student and parent.
Please use dashes when typing in phone numbers.
Please double-check emails for accuracy.
Please include your student cellphone number and only the 'carrier' if you are able to receive texts.
Drivers License is NOT needed.
When all information is complete then click UPDATE.

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Thank you to all of our fabhulous HTKO sponsors!! 
What a Fabulous Event! 


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Parents - ALL Volunteers must have submitted a CURRENT Criminal Background Check EACH YEAR in order to come on campus and volunteer in any capacity. It's quick and can be easily submitted - do it today!

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Dulles High School Band and Doll Parents

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Labatt Food Service

Mercer 9-26 6pm

Mercer 10-3 6pm

Mercer 10-10 6pm

Mercer 10-18 7pm Homecoming

Mercer 10-26 1pm

Mercer 11-2 1pm

Mercer 11-9 6pm

Fall Finale 11-14




Donations of any amount may
be made through our PayPal account. DBDTBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit and as such, donations are tax-exempt.

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